EVDEMA INC.has served construction sector since 1972.We would like to evaluate 43 years of experience in production area.Therefore we have started production of wall paper since 2014.We are basing on with slogan of pride of Turkey. Our factory established with under DU&KA brand.We make production with developed highest level technology and materials in the international area.We determine our colors,models,textures,forms with unique miracle of nature that is nature,earth,air and water.Along with employment, DU&KA wallpapers that will be manufactured by using natural materials with practicability, spongeability, non-staining and breathing specifications, anticipates creating lively places.Environmental friendly wallpaper DU&KA will allow our consumers to have different styles with its wide product range.We believe that DU&KA wallpaper receives appreciation of final user with its unique design.DU&KA Wallpaper of Turkey is here for your valuable customers which is under EVDEMA INC.assurence with primarily aims being the leading,reliable,honest and customers satisfaction with outstanding service concept.
Du&Ka Fabrika